About Us

dm capital venture corporation

quality from start to finish

land and planning

Our Land and Planning team is constantly seeking new residential or mixed-use development opportunities of all sizes, scales and values, with or without planning permission. As a privately-owned company underpinned by significant assets, we are able to operate with freedom and flexibility, and can activate finances quickly to secure and complete land acquisitions.


Our in-house construction team ensures our exacting standards are met throughout the whole design and build process. The end result is exemplary standards of workmanship. We engage with a range of traditional and innovative methods of construction to suit each unique development in our portfolio.


We work alongside leading architects to create thoughtful and elegant building designs that are bespoke to each development. This is complemented by our interior design, led by our in-house team, which is founded on principles of innovation, detailing and craftsmanship. On certain projects we enjoy a close collaboration with renowned design consultants.

a reputation for excellence

DM Capital was founded in 1990 and today is one of the reputable developers of new projects. The vision has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and built projects in excellent locations in the Philippines.

who do we work with

  • manufacturers who want to concentrate on their own businesses, and who have little or no experience in the commercial property market.
  • retailers to match their requirements to our local knowledge; we are nominated by retailers to find additional premises for them in the construction. 
  • landowners and other strategic bodies to guide them through complex planning applications and building projects to ensure maximum value. 
  • banks and institutions who require sensibly structured transactions to result in income producing assets. 
  • an experienced team of property and construction professionals to assist you to achieve your goals.

how do we do it

  • Project evaluation, and report on options available
  • Structuring contracts for the Purchase and/or Sale of land
  • Advice on the Structure and Form of future revenue streams, and provision of development appraisals.
  • Complex & detailed Community Consultations
  • Negotiate Contracts, Compulsory Purchase Orders, Development Agreements, Leases and the like
  • Appointment of Consultants for both the planning and construction phases
  • Negotiations with Local Authorities, Government, and any other regulatory body
  • Management and Implementation of the Construction Process